Who’s Calling?

This month I am delighted to introduce guest blogger and dear friend, Coleen Renee.  A gifted teacher, healer and story catch, Coleen shares her perspectives here on this year’s theme of “Calling”.  ENJOY!!!


I am quite inspired by Glenna Bain’s 12-month dedication to the idea of “Calling”. What a rich topic! It is particularly relevant for this specific time in history and it’s a question most of my clients and students are asking.

Towers have fallen and many of the structures we have been taught to rely on are crumbling. Pope’s are resigning. We are in a soup of uncertainty.

And what a wonderful soup that can be. It calls us to creativity. It calls us to color outside the lines. It calls us to look at our resources in new ways. It calls us to dream….

Many years ago I read an article in Sun magazine. I believe it was titled, “The McDonaldization of America” and it reflected on George Ritzer’s work around the McDonaldization of society. What I took away from that article was this great aha about why we are so separated from ourselves and each other. The focus on efficiency, calculability, predictability and control work well for the American food chain (like McDonalds). This focus – referred to as rationalization – has flowed into our school systems (consider sitting in desks all day doing busy work and being evaluated against a battery of standardized tests), our corporate lives (often heartless, bottom line cultures where employees are treated like commodities) and in most other areas of our lives. As people are processed in this way, they lose individualization and their ability to truly listen to their own heart and to attend to what calls to them. This diminished capacity is not a natural state for the human experience, although we can adapt to it for a while.

But then, what happens when the structures of rationalization fail?

I believe that our innate human desire for connection and creativity activate immediately. We’ve always known there was something more, something bigger that is calling to us. Here’s our chance, we can feel it in our bones. We have entered a new age, the World Age of Aquarius. The Mayans told us about it. Some feared the “end of the world”.

Dear ones, the end of our world was already in the works (the towers had already fallen, banks failed and had to be “saved” …). We are definitively in a new World Age and when we let go of our discomfort with all the uncertainty, we can move into possibility.

This moving may be tentative or whole-hearted. What I am seeing with my students and clients is that regardless of how they are stepping into the new shift they are finding relief and joy as an underlying experience. That doesn’t mean they don’t experience moments (sometimes very long moments) of fear and doubt. This is an entirely new way of walking in the world. We have to allow ourselves gentleness, awkwardness and on occasion, total failure. This is the soup of creativity. Often the failures are our greatest teachers, even our Aha! moments. DaVinci knew this. Einstein knew this.

I find that I consistently and frequently remind my students, my clients and myself:
“Breathe. Pace yourself. Play!” Attempts to be perfect, efficient, predictable and in control – yes, all those things we’ve been encouraged to seek – will only slow us down and create enormous road blocks on our path of possibility. Instead we are better off slowing down, moving from the heart, following where our joy leads us.

Yes indeed, we have little training for this – but we do have the muscles for it. We just need to exercise them. Go on, you know you want to. Give yourself permission to notice what pleases you, makes you smile, brings you joy. These are the road markers to your unique path and purpose. They are calling to you. Follow them. You’ll find lots of allies along the way. You’ll find sustainable, life affirming, creative ways of being exactly who you want to be. And ironically, you’ll find this path is ultimately and for the long term way more efficient. LOL!

Coleen Renee, CSH, is a Teacher, Healer and Story Catcher working with people, organizations and the land. She is revitalizing the Bardic traditions and doing the work of a Bard: listening deeply to what is and what can be; finding the stories and songs that will help transform our world and travelling where she is led in order to find what is needed. Coleen is a highly gifted psychic and uses healing techniques, music and storytelling to help her clients and students bring balance and ease to their lives. For more information, visit her at WhispersOFTheSoul.us.

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