What is Calling You?

Happy 2013 Everyone!  Here we are….poised at the gateway of a new year.  Ready or not….in we go!

This year I’m interested in exploring the subject of “Calling”.

How does a person know they are following their true calling? Is a calling more about “doing” something or “being” something? How does this relate to ones sense of personal power and authenticity in the world? How does it feel to act on a calling? What is the most efficient and effective way to explore these questions?

In my life, I have found the Astrological Birth Chart to be a powerful tool in uncovering  evidence and clues regarding each individuals’ unique purpose….a myriad of choices expressing and waiting to be explored.  These clues are contained here in a symbolic map captured the day and time one was born which serves as a catalyst for awareness inducing discoveries.

My sense of adventure is unfailingly inspired through this process of “life scene investigation”, a “clue to clue” exploration of the soul’s map. Specific themes, cycles and phases emerge which are currently occurring in the life of the individual, providing helpful clues to the soul’s journey. I am energized just thinking of the special privilege it is to enter into this stimulating work with each of you who are drawn in this direction!

“People’s inner power changes their lives. We can either be a conduit or an obstacle to this power.” ~Mark Jones, Astrologer and Psychotherapist, Bristol, England.

This year I will also be traveling and working/playing with various groups, using Astro Improv as a technique/tool for collaborative learning. Candace Meils and I will soon begin producing short videos which will demonstrate what we’ll be offering in this regard….so stay tuned for more to come!

“Your life mirrors what you put into or withhold from it.”  Go ahead! Load your life up with what you want from it. You are worth it!

Here’s looking forward to joyful co-creating,  juicy insights and good fun as we explore together these meaningful depths of ours.  Happy 2013 everyone!

With love,


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