“Glenna’s work in deciphering my astrology has changed my life. She has given insight into the me of today and the me of tomorrow.”

-Ann Radtke Curry, M.Ed

“Wow!  I completely enjoyed the reading you did for me, and I continue to be surprised at the accuracy and insightfulness of your interpretation with my Astrological sign/information.  I find myself reflecting on your comments often and I appreciate your willingness to let me bother you with my curious questions.   Keep up the good work!”

-Chris Mainz, Seattle

“Dear Glenna: I’m so thrilled with who you are and who you’re becoming.

It’s such a pleasure to watch you cultivate the astronishing being you are!!

Your success is like a sky rocketing wave of love!! Enjoy!!!”

Marie Manuchehri, RN,


“Glenna Bain’s astrological readings are incredible and heartfelt!  My reading was accurate and insightful.  When Glenna shares your reading with you, you will feel blessed, enlightened, and will have received valuable information to use in your daily life.”

-Franki Storlie, Teacher and Healer

What an informative, expanding, and confirming experience to have Glenna hook me up with the stars!.  Prior to this experience I had no confidence in astrology, but can most surely see it’s value in better understanding what I am here for, and how I can achieve the most joy in my future.  Glenna has a real gift with people, is sensitive, caring, intuitive, and extremely knowledgeable.  You will enjoy meeting with her!

Alex Priest
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“I so appreciated the reading from you, Glenna.  You spoke in language I could assimilate and the reading was so heartfelt.  Two months later I am still reaping the benefits from the insights you provided.  It was a joy to have a reading that was so specifically oriented not only to my personal chart, but to the questions I came with.  Blessings and deep gratitude!”

-Coleen Renee, CSH

“Glenna’s style is compassionate and intuitive. She guides her clients with sensitivity, providing helpful insights into the astrological map of the soul’s journey.”

-Candace Meils, Owner  The Enchanting Experience (theenchantingexperience.com)