Compelling Questions

You’re learning that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Within that framework, what is important to you? What challenges are you currently facing?  What do you fear? What makes you come alive?

Where do you GO to get the supportive guidance to actually ENJOY exploring of these questions?

Reach in. Empower yourself.  Overcome obstacles. Gain a greater degree of insight into living your most meaningful life.  Together we’ll dig in, mining your astrological chart for the nuggets you are here to express. We’ll take stock of the tools you brought in with you this lifetime. We’ll brainstorm together about how you might efficiently utilize them.  If you’re drawn to this type of work, I’d love to work with you! Email me and let’s get you scheduled in.

Have an amazing day filled with love and gratitude!

Blessings to you with love and joyful thriving in 2012 and beyond!

~Glenna Bain


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