Buried Treasure, You and Me

Today I am imagining life as a treasure hunt. I have a shovel, a map and a guide to assist me. Life itself is the land to be explored. Now what?  Where do we go from here???

Perhaps you’re a treasure hunter; a seeker. You’ve made the decision to explore the possibilities life holds for you, desiring to live your best life, the original; one that hasn’t been lived before by anyone else?

As a person consciously intending to maximize meaning, you’ve probably already done a fair amount of digging, perhaps without much of a map, going clue to clue, experimenting with what does and doesn’t bring satisfaction and a sense of purpose to your life.

So, you can begin to pinpoint the area of life, the location where your energies will be best spent “digging” in relationship to the individual wiring of your soul.

I’ve zeroed in on a particular symbol in your astrological birth chart which is a lot like the “X” on a treasure map in terms of where to focus your attention in order to tap in to your passionate purpose. The planet Mars serves as a correlation point to where the soul holds the energy of the assertive function. Mars says, “I WANT”. When one is serious about becoming more aware of what they are passionate about this “Mars function” can be utilized to literally fuel the life. I think of it like the rocket boosters in a NASA rocket. After the initial “thrusters” have pushed the spacecraft out of the bounds of gravity, the boosters kick in to maintain the vehicle after the initial launch. When we can get plugged in to our passionate motivations we can begin to come alive and as we come alive we can change the world.

In her book “Eat, Pray, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert makes a resonant point when she states “Americans know how to be entertained, but they haven’t learned how to live.”

Looking back over the course of history, there have been plenty of governments and powers that be that are willing to order people around and tell them what to do, how to stay status quo, limited, how to fit in. Many of these systems have been inherently “fear based”, conditioning the masses to stay in line and obey their specific expectations in a desire to maintain the order, “or else”.

We have reached a time in our history NOW where it has become crucial to begin to awaken from the conditionings and discover where our passions truly live, letting them propel us into action and at the same time allowing us to use the unique gifts and talents that we are here to learn to work with and enhance. For many this is a radical idea; to think that one could actually live in accordance with one’s UNIQUE calling and at the same time…. ENJOY doing, being and bringing these talents as a contribution for the good of all.

What do you think? Is this possible?

Here’s to exploring your juicy depths, with joy in the journey!



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4 Responses to Buried Treasure, You and Me

  1. Jost says:

    Ignition—BLAST OFF! To infinity and beyond for you, Dear Glenna!

    • glenna says:

      Thanks a million Jost. So glad I’m not alone in this exploratory adventure. You and other kindreds are delightfully and heartfully present with an ongoing vibe of mutual support. BLESSED! Much love to you dear One! <3

  2. Mitch Lopate says:

    Interesting use of Mars, especially with the recent landing. I’ve seen Mars elsewhere as “engines of power.” Great idea, Glenna!

    • glenna says:

      Thanks Mitch! Appreciate the reminder about what’s going on physically up there on Mars. Makes it that much more poignant. Guess in a way we’re already discovering the buried treasure of Mars. Also was thinking about the nodes shifting into Taurus and Scorpio. I associate Taurus with treasure and Scorpio with digging, so it’s all resonant. Thanks again for your comment and highest good to you dear one!

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