For much of my life I’ve felt compelled to edit out the parts of me deemed unacceptable and not up to par.
I am giving myself permission now to begin a gentle exploration of these disowned parts. Some are quite shockingly starved….like sacrificial dogs chained to anchored posts without food or water…..ravenous and yearning…..reaching. Other parts are equipped with bolt cutters, allowing the hungry ones to be rambunctiously licked and endlessly held.

“If we inhabit and are, indeed, ourselves constructed of a great soup of differentiated energies, then we need to know as much as possible about the ingredients, or rather the particular energies that represent the human soul.” ~Sir John Rollo
Sinclair, BT

I have found Astrology to be a wonderful tool for this differentiation process. I would be delighted to work with you in this process of personal growth and development.

I will be in Knoxville Tennessee from Aug 22 through Sept 3, available for personal sessions in the area on Sept 1 and 2nd and doing a workshop on Aug 31. Here is information on the workshop:

Living Passionately and Authentically
Saturday, August 31, 2013
10:15 am – 6:30 pm
Please join Lisa C. Hurt with Radiant Light Astrology and
Glenna Bain with Seeing Heart Astrology
as they present a day of fun and exploration using astrology
as a tool for guidance, empowerment and growth.
This workshop will be focusing on the transits of Uranus and Pluto and how their
transformative energies are affecting us individually and collectively. Uranus is referred
to as the planet of the unexpected, ushering in things that shock, inviting us to
revolutionize and change our lives. Pluto is the planet of transformation, urging us to
dive deeply and look honestly at what needs to be unearthed and transformed. The
archetypal symbolism of these planets in relation to our own astrological birth charts
gives us insight into embodying these energies and living more authentically and
Guided meditation, class discussions, handouts and a keynote presentation will be used
during class. Breaks and snacks will be provided. Each participant will receive a copy of
their astrological birth chart and there will be drawings offered for 4 mini readings.
Prior understanding of astrology is not necessary to attend this workshop.
For Further Information: Please check www.radiantlightastrology.com or
www.seeingheart.net websites under “About Astrology” or “Workshop and Classes” to
view an extended explanation about astrology or read the bios of Lisa and Glenna.
To Register: Please email lisa.c.hurt@gmail.com for a registration form and all info.
Early Registration Fee: $75.00 $25.00 Deposit – $50.00 Balance by August 19th
Full Refund of deposit until August 19th. After August 19th, deposit is nonrefundable, but
the balance of the fee is refundable through August 29th.
Fee At The Door: $90.00 (if space is available)
There is a set number of spaces available for this workshop, so please register early if
you want to guarantee your spot. If you are wanting to attend at the last minute, please
call: 865-719-2049 to verify space is available before arriving at the workshop.
Location: Shanti Yoga Haven 12 Forest Court, Knoxville TN 37919

Hope to see you there. Have a wonderful summer everyone!




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I received my first astrological reading a few months ago with Glenna. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was greeted with great warmth and
Glenna’s enthusiasm and curiosity helped me to relax and open-up to the discoveries she had made about my current past, long past and evolving present. These revelations helped me further understand and appreciate why I operate the way I do and hold my own inner wisdom closer to my heart. Thanks Glenna for the joyful playfulness and unconditional regard you freely offer and the willingness to put out so much effort for your fellow travelers.

All my best,
Suzy Wenger, Therapist and Healer (wildtruenature.com)

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Who’s Calling?

This month I am delighted to introduce guest blogger and dear friend, Coleen Renee.  A gifted teacher, healer and story catch, Coleen shares her perspectives here on this year’s theme of “Calling”.  ENJOY!!!


I am quite inspired by Glenna Bain’s 12-month dedication to the idea of “Calling”. What a rich topic! It is particularly relevant for this specific time in history and it’s a question most of my clients and students are asking.

Towers have fallen and many of the structures we have been taught to rely on are crumbling. Pope’s are resigning. We are in a soup of uncertainty.

And what a wonderful soup that can be. It calls us to creativity. It calls us to color outside the lines. It calls us to look at our resources in new ways. It calls us to dream….

Many years ago I read an article in Sun magazine. I believe it was titled, “The McDonaldization of America” and it reflected on George Ritzer’s work around the McDonaldization of society. What I took away from that article was this great aha about why we are so separated from ourselves and each other. The focus on efficiency, calculability, predictability and control work well for the American food chain (like McDonalds). This focus – referred to as rationalization – has flowed into our school systems (consider sitting in desks all day doing busy work and being evaluated against a battery of standardized tests), our corporate lives (often heartless, bottom line cultures where employees are treated like commodities) and in most other areas of our lives. As people are processed in this way, they lose individualization and their ability to truly listen to their own heart and to attend to what calls to them. This diminished capacity is not a natural state for the human experience, although we can adapt to it for a while.

But then, what happens when the structures of rationalization fail?

I believe that our innate human desire for connection and creativity activate immediately. We’ve always known there was something more, something bigger that is calling to us. Here’s our chance, we can feel it in our bones. We have entered a new age, the World Age of Aquarius. The Mayans told us about it. Some feared the “end of the world”.

Dear ones, the end of our world was already in the works (the towers had already fallen, banks failed and had to be “saved” …). We are definitively in a new World Age and when we let go of our discomfort with all the uncertainty, we can move into possibility.

This moving may be tentative or whole-hearted. What I am seeing with my students and clients is that regardless of how they are stepping into the new shift they are finding relief and joy as an underlying experience. That doesn’t mean they don’t experience moments (sometimes very long moments) of fear and doubt. This is an entirely new way of walking in the world. We have to allow ourselves gentleness, awkwardness and on occasion, total failure. This is the soup of creativity. Often the failures are our greatest teachers, even our Aha! moments. DaVinci knew this. Einstein knew this.

I find that I consistently and frequently remind my students, my clients and myself:
“Breathe. Pace yourself. Play!” Attempts to be perfect, efficient, predictable and in control – yes, all those things we’ve been encouraged to seek – will only slow us down and create enormous road blocks on our path of possibility. Instead we are better off slowing down, moving from the heart, following where our joy leads us.

Yes indeed, we have little training for this – but we do have the muscles for it. We just need to exercise them. Go on, you know you want to. Give yourself permission to notice what pleases you, makes you smile, brings you joy. These are the road markers to your unique path and purpose. They are calling to you. Follow them. You’ll find lots of allies along the way. You’ll find sustainable, life affirming, creative ways of being exactly who you want to be. And ironically, you’ll find this path is ultimately and for the long term way more efficient. LOL!

Coleen Renee, CSH, is a Teacher, Healer and Story Catcher working with people, organizations and the land. She is revitalizing the Bardic traditions and doing the work of a Bard: listening deeply to what is and what can be; finding the stories and songs that will help transform our world and travelling where she is led in order to find what is needed. Coleen is a highly gifted psychic and uses healing techniques, music and storytelling to help her clients and students bring balance and ease to their lives. For more information, visit her at WhispersOFTheSoul.us.

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What is Calling You?

Happy 2013 Everyone!  Here we are….poised at the gateway of a new year.  Ready or not….in we go!

This year I’m interested in exploring the subject of “Calling”.

How does a person know they are following their true calling? Is a calling more about “doing” something or “being” something? How does this relate to ones sense of personal power and authenticity in the world? How does it feel to act on a calling? What is the most efficient and effective way to explore these questions?

In my life, I have found the Astrological Birth Chart to be a powerful tool in uncovering  evidence and clues regarding each individuals’ unique purpose….a myriad of choices expressing and waiting to be explored.  These clues are contained here in a symbolic map captured the day and time one was born which serves as a catalyst for awareness inducing discoveries.

My sense of adventure is unfailingly inspired through this process of “life scene investigation”, a “clue to clue” exploration of the soul’s map. Specific themes, cycles and phases emerge which are currently occurring in the life of the individual, providing helpful clues to the soul’s journey. I am energized just thinking of the special privilege it is to enter into this stimulating work with each of you who are drawn in this direction!

“People’s inner power changes their lives. We can either be a conduit or an obstacle to this power.” ~Mark Jones, Astrologer and Psychotherapist, Bristol, England.

This year I will also be traveling and working/playing with various groups, using Astro Improv as a technique/tool for collaborative learning. Candace Meils and I will soon begin producing short videos which will demonstrate what we’ll be offering in this regard….so stay tuned for more to come!

“Your life mirrors what you put into or withhold from it.”  Go ahead! Load your life up with what you want from it. You are worth it!

Here’s looking forward to joyful co-creating,  juicy insights and good fun as we explore together these meaningful depths of ours.  Happy 2013 everyone!

With love,


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Cycles and Growth

Astrology deals with cycles. We are now in a 2-/12 year period which comes through as a “growth push”. This is about dealing with things we haven’t wanted to see as emerge from our depths. What no longer supports us? Are we going to try to ignore and numb it or face it so we can feel it, bless it and release it? It’s a choice, of course, but the process can feel excruciating! In the midst, be sure to take time to be kind and gentle with yourself. Get extra rest too! Consider scheduling a personal session and we’ll discuss the areas in your life being effected and how to maximize this cycle of growth. Namaste with love!

It's a great time to take extra time to love yourself...that part of you that just needs to be held...hold it!

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Buried Treasure, You and Me

Today I am imagining life as a treasure hunt. I have a shovel, a map and a guide to assist me. Life itself is the land to be explored. Now what?  Where do we go from here???

Perhaps you’re a treasure hunter; a seeker. You’ve made the decision to explore the possibilities life holds for you, desiring to live your best life, the original; one that hasn’t been lived before by anyone else?

As a person consciously intending to maximize meaning, you’ve probably already done a fair amount of digging, perhaps without much of a map, going clue to clue, experimenting with what does and doesn’t bring satisfaction and a sense of purpose to your life.

So, you can begin to pinpoint the area of life, the location where your energies will be best spent “digging” in relationship to the individual wiring of your soul.

I’ve zeroed in on a particular symbol in your astrological birth chart which is a lot like the “X” on a treasure map in terms of where to focus your attention in order to tap in to your passionate purpose. The planet Mars serves as a correlation point to where the soul holds the energy of the assertive function. Mars says, “I WANT”. When one is serious about becoming more aware of what they are passionate about this “Mars function” can be utilized to literally fuel the life. I think of it like the rocket boosters in a NASA rocket. After the initial “thrusters” have pushed the spacecraft out of the bounds of gravity, the boosters kick in to maintain the vehicle after the initial launch. When we can get plugged in to our passionate motivations we can begin to come alive and as we come alive we can change the world.

In her book “Eat, Pray, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert makes a resonant point when she states “Americans know how to be entertained, but they haven’t learned how to live.”

Looking back over the course of history, there have been plenty of governments and powers that be that are willing to order people around and tell them what to do, how to stay status quo, limited, how to fit in. Many of these systems have been inherently “fear based”, conditioning the masses to stay in line and obey their specific expectations in a desire to maintain the order, “or else”.

We have reached a time in our history NOW where it has become crucial to begin to awaken from the conditionings and discover where our passions truly live, letting them propel us into action and at the same time allowing us to use the unique gifts and talents that we are here to learn to work with and enhance. For many this is a radical idea; to think that one could actually live in accordance with one’s UNIQUE calling and at the same time…. ENJOY doing, being and bringing these talents as a contribution for the good of all.

What do you think? Is this possible?

Here’s to exploring your juicy depths, with joy in the journey!



Please note:  During the month of September I’m offering 30 minute readings for $30. I work in person, via phone and Skype. You’ll receive a copy of your birth chart as well as a MP3 recording of the session. Looking forward to touching hearts with those who are drawn! ♥ To schedule, email me at glennabain@gmail.com ♥ (Pls include your birth date, time and location.) : )



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Stay in Your Groove and Spin Toward Your Dreams

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that life is moving at a faster pace than ever before?!! This beautiful flower mandala was made by my friend and colleague, Ryan Evans. It reminded me of how vital it is to stay centered during these times.

We are in a period of unprecedented change. It is more important than ever to take time out to slow down and remember who you are and why you are here on the planet at this time. Drink extra water, get more rest and take a series of slow deep breathes. As much as possible, stay in an attitude of gratitude. When needed, reach out to trusted friends for support. Above all remember “You are not flunking, you are not crazy and this too shall pass.” Stay in your groove and spin toward your dreams.  Let me know if I can be of support to you on your journey.

Much love, Glenna

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It’s Messy Out There!

Let’s face it, it’s messy out there! Everything is changing and we are all connected. Where do you go when you feel like you’re going to fall apart? Who will listen to, and hold sacred space around those deepest hurts and longings? Well, in many aspects, an astrology reading with me is a great excuse for these deep conversations to unfold. It is my honor to assist you in accessing your deepest knowings in a context designed to facilitate healing. Heaven knows, I’ve needed and continue to need them. We’re all human. May we all have those wise, caring, soft places to land.

Much love,

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Compelling Questions

You’re learning that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Within that framework, what is important to you? What challenges are you currently facing?  What do you fear? What makes you come alive?

Where do you GO to get the supportive guidance to actually ENJOY exploring of these questions?

Reach in. Empower yourself.  Overcome obstacles. Gain a greater degree of insight into living your most meaningful life.  Together we’ll dig in, mining your astrological chart for the nuggets you are here to express. We’ll take stock of the tools you brought in with you this lifetime. We’ll brainstorm together about how you might efficiently utilize them.  If you’re drawn to this type of work, I’d love to work with you! Email me and let’s get you scheduled in.  glennabain@gmail.com.

Have an amazing day filled with love and gratitude!

Blessings to you with love and joyful thriving in 2012 and beyond!

~Glenna Bain


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The Passionate Push of Precision: Mars in Virgo (November 10, 2011 through July 3, 2012)

Taking the Plunge

Clearly, we are living in a time of tremendous transformation. How does it feel to you? I’d call it…..cliff-ish! This is edgy new territory; unfamiliar and unexplored. The sensation percolating now reminds me of a recent trip down the Yakima River. It was a 90 degree day, two summers ago. Fellow floaters and I had enjoyed a leisurely voyage, relishing our cold beers and sighing at our sense simple ease; being carried by the flow.
Suddenly, around the river bend there appeared a compelling cliff. It called to me. There was this unexplainable, unexpected inner desire and I found myself pulling my rubbery body up a steep embankment to the cliff edge. Trembling, I pondered the question of whether or not I actually possessed sufficient courage to jump. Should I climb back down, daunted or somehow muster the courage to leap?
Mars represents that passionate place in us that WANTS to take assertive action. This is that tell-tale inner push to move forward into new territory. The red planet has currently chosen to remain in Virgo for a period of eight months where normally it would spend only an average of 2 to 4 months there. Why would this Martian energy want to focus extended attention in conjunction with the sign of precision and detailed thoroughness? What might be the motivation for the push toward focused assertion in relation to service with healing intent?
It makes perfect sense to me. As the revolutionary urge for freedom (Uranus in Aries) encounters the forces that seek to squelch it (Pluto in Capricorn) there is an extended call for efficient, focused action (Mars/Virgo). Fortunately we also have the drenching spiritual tsunami of Neptune making its final entry into Pisces, February 3rd and remaining there until 2026. Welcome Lord Neptune!
What questions does this eight month occupation of Mars in Virgo raise? Where can its energies be best utilized in this call for extra vigilance? Where does precise action need to be taken? I am imagining the Zen Master/Drill Sergeant (Mars/Virgo) moving through the area of life he patrols (specific house). Perhaps he is here to ensure that things are running as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. What will his sharply honed intention be pointing to? Where does this opportunity to harness passionate precision patrol through your chart?
Mine is in the 8th house where I notice a new level of focused intensity appearing surprisingly as I round this corner. There is a call to “Go deep, or go home.” I respond. “Aw what the hell….Let’s do it!” Make bold, audacious moves and find new ways to leap into uncharted waters. With this Mars energy expressing in the collective, the time has come for passion to propel us forward into constructive action.
So, hello again from my perch at cliff’s edge; still trembling a bit. And yes, of course I jumped. That old trickster Mars gave me a playful shove from behind. Somehow, being in midair feels strangely liberating. Geronimo!

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